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We have all seen just how lackluster traditional flooring options can be, carpet is easy to get dirty and hardwood flooring can be dented or scratched too easily in a busy household. So when you are looking for a new flooring system for your home or business, what are you supposed to do when all the other flooring options fail to perform? Well, we offer a flooring solution that is both high performance and appealing to the eye, our metallic epoxy! Metallic epoxy offers a dazzling, marble finish that can outperform any traditional flooring system in your home or business.

From offering a simplistic maintenance protocol to being one of the strongest coatings on the market, metallic epoxy floor coatings offer all the benefits you need! Down below, you will find everything that you need to know about metallic epoxy flooring and after you see everything the coating has to offer, contact us today for a free quote!

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Where Can Metallic Epoxy Be Used?


A new flooring system designed to blow your previous flooring systems out of the water. In every aspect epoxy flooring is designed to simplify your life all while delivering a premium look and feel. Trusted for many years epoxy flooring has been the leader in commercial settings for its durability and reliability. Rated at one of the strongest floors that can be used for years and years to come. Take matters into your own hands and receive the benefits of a true professional such as:

Maintaining Your Metallic Epoxy


If you are working long hours or have little time during the busy seasons, you don’t want to be stuck maintaining your flooring system. This is what makes metallic epoxies such an attractive option for both home and business owners, they require little to no maintenance! When it comes to maintaining your epoxy, regular maintenance is as simple as ever with the use of a soft bristle broom and a regular wet mop. When mopping the coating, make sure to use a PH neutral cleaner so no citrus cleaners, bleach or ammonia. When the coating gets heavily soiled in areas like the garage, you can simply use a standard garden hose to wash down the metallic epoxy floor, just make sure the water isn’t too hot.

The Installation Process Of Metallic Epoxy


The installation process of the metallic epoxy flooring system differs greatly from that of any other traditional flooring system, that is why we urge you to always enlist the help of a professional! First off, we start by preparing the concrete slab for installation. This includes deep cleaning, repair of imperfections and the profiling of the slab itself. When we are certain the slab is ready for installation, we start with the installation of the epoxy primer. The primer acts as an adhesion promoter, promoting a stronger bond to the concrete slab. We apply layers of epoxy to reach the desired thickness and our final coats are where the metallic pigmentations are implemented and customized using blowers, brushes, and solvents to create custom finishes.

Metallic Epoxies Safety Features


One of the biggest reasons why the metallic coating is so sought after is because of its immense safety features. For example, the seamless and nonporous design of epoxy flooring makes the system extremely hygienic, resistant to the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. The epoxy surface can also be customized with silica sand additives, giving the flooring traction, which is useful in areas that tend to be exposed to moisture. When using lighter colored epoxies on your floor, they can reflect light to make any area up to 150% brighter without the use of additional lighting sources, making the area easier to work in while saving you money on your power bill!

Why You Should Use Metallic Epoxy


So why should you use metallic epoxy? Well, the most attractive benefit is its mesmerizing finish that can mimic the appearance of natural phenomena like clouds, waves, and lava. But, our metallic epoxies are also extremely functional and are even stronger than concrete with a staggering weight resistance of up to 14,000 PSI. When it comes to durability, epoxy flooring simply cannot be beaten! Epoxies are resistant to the damage that can be made by dropped objects, heavy foot, and vehicle traffic, harsh chemicals or heavy machinery. At the end of the day, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use epoxy!






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