Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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We understand the high demands your commercial flooring faces. You need a flooring solution that looks great for customers yet withstands frequent cleaning and disinfection, dropped objects, constant traffic, and other perils. Many flooring solutions look great at first but quickly deteriorate under these demanding circumstances.

Our commercial epoxy flooring in Houston, Texas is designed to meet even the harshest conditions. We offer specialized commercial epoxy formulations for all industries, including warehouses, factories, hospitals, and more. Whether your priority is renovating your business and improving customer experience or you need resilient and high-performance flooring, we can help.

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We offer a wide range of commercial epoxy formulations designed to fit the unique needs of any business or industrial setting. From heavy traffic and chemical exposure to wear and tear and spills, our commercial epoxy floor coatings deliver superior results. Commercial concrete floor epoxy delivers unrivaled appearance and strength with a low lifecycle cost that beats out other types of commercial flooring. Depending on your industry, there are many benefits your facility can enjoy with commercial epoxy flooring installation.

Ultimate Low Maintenance Flooring Solution

Some commercial flooring systems offer many of the same benefits as epoxy — such as resistance to chemicals and moisture — but they come with time-consuming and costly maintenance. A common example is a polished and waxed concrete floor. Our commercial epoxy floor coating in Houston, Texas delivers high-performance flooring with minimal maintenance needs. Epoxy creates a seamless surface that can be swept and mopped easily.

Seamless Surface Is Easy To Sanitize

Commercial epoxy flooring can withstand harsh disinfectants and cleaning chemicals to meet even the strictest hygiene protocols. This is why it’s the top choice for hospitals, operating rooms, physician offices, laboratories, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and locker rooms. We install FDA and USDA approved commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Houston for a wide range of industries. Because epoxy flooring has no seams, joints, or surface imperfections, it won’t harbor pathogens, bacteria, or dirt.

Excellent Resistance To Wear

Flooring that looks great at first isn’t worth much if it shows wear and tear early in its life. This can lead to one of two negative outcomes: floors that look dirty and turn away customers or incurring the high cost of premature flooring replacement. Our commercial epoxy floor coating in Houston, Texas is designed to withstand even heavy-duty wear from foot traffic, vehicles, heavy machinery, and rolling carts. Epoxy maintains its pristine and professional appearance for 10-20 years without compromising on moisture and chemical resistance.

Resists Chemical Damage

Many industries can benefit from commercial epoxy resin that resists chemicals and harsh liquids, including the food and beverage industry, auto shops, laboratories, and healthcare facilities. Our commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Houston resists damage from oils, dairy, animal fat, and more. In auto shops, our commercial epoxy withstands lubricants, gasoline, and oil.

Customized Solutions

Who says commercial flooring needs to be utilitarian and ugly? We specialize in beautiful commercial epoxy flooring in Houston that adds a “wow” factor to your business. Your floor can be customized with colors and designs that match your existing decor and we can even add unique patterns and even logos to your floor. In some industries, safety is a more important concern. With striping, you can designate work spaces and direct foot and vehicle traffic.

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Commercial epoxy flooring in Houston offers unique benefits that meet the high demands of a broad range of industries. We install high-performance, specialized commercial epoxy resin designed for many industries from educational and institutional facilities to medical centers and manufacturing plants. The following are some of the most common industries we serve. If your facility isn’t listed, contact us to learn about specialized formulations we offer for your facility’s needs.






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